Welcome to the On Violence resource section. Here you will find free access to our educational resources which includes our Visual Histories series of introductory texts commissioned with the award winning comic book writer Sean Michael Wilson, adaptations of these in free to download wall poster formats, along with details of our periodic academic publications.

Fanon & Wretched of the Earth 

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Arendt & Banality of Evil


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On Violence is a periodic publication which explores the problem of violence by providing a dedicated intellectual and creative space for cutting-edge mediations & critical reflections. It is not aiming to be a conventional academic journal in any stylistic sense; instead it prefers trans-disciplinary interventions that openly challenge orthodox modes of thinking, presentation and form. While each contribution is considered by our editorial team based on its originality and critical engagement, the journal also aims to rethink the very terms in which violence is framed and perpetuated – not least, the forced hierarchy and regimented disciplines imposed upon publication regimes that wage their own particular forms of intellectual violence against those who refuse to “play the game”. As such, the journal particularly welcomes and invites academic papers/reflections, testimonies, photo-essays, artistic reviews/commentaries, short stories & plays, documented performances & poetry, along with interviews/discussions which offer a rigorous critique of violence in its multiple forms.

Edition no. 1 contents to include: “The Dignity of Non-Violence” by Todd May; “The Remains of the Day” by Brian Massumi; “Violence Against Violence” by Saul Newman; “No Magic Bullets” by Nancy Scheper-Hughes; “Theater of Mayhem” by John Steppling; “Unjust Justice” by Lewis Gordon; “Addicted to Violence” by Henry A. Giroux; “Violence, Truth & Courage” by Michael Dillon”; “Combat & Combat” by Cynthia Enloe; & “An Open Letter to Immanuel Kant” by Julian Reid.


Cover image: Gottfried Helnwein, Disasters of War No. 24